For the Environment

Let’s face it there are almost 8 billion people on this planet and we can simply not keep producing gross amounts of food and feeding it to cattle. Factory farming is not only cruel, but it is destroying the planet. If we want future generations to survive then we must make changes. It takes 660 gallons of water to make one hamburger. We use I hear so much of the plants grown to feed these animals just to get so little out of it. When there were less people living on earth it made sense that they ate animals. Most families lived on farms or near them so they were just feeding people nearby. It wasn’t a disgusting slaughter house. I still don’t believe it’s right to eat animals, especially with how much more evolved we humans are supposed to be. There is so much access to information and yet people still choose to blindly follow what the meat and dairy industry is pushing down our throats. People think drinking milk is going to give them strong bones, but it’s quite the opposite. There have been studies showing that the countries with the highest intake of dairy are the ones with the highest diagnoses of osteoporosis. The countries with the highest intake of animal products are the ones with the highest obesity rates. Hello America. We must be doing something wrong. No one wants to face the huge impact killing animals for food is having the place we all live. Then there are those who eat “humanely raised” or “grass-fed” meat and this is even worse for the environment than factory farming. In order to keep up with the demand for the “better alternative” they have to make sure there is enough land for these cows to roam. With all this wasted land and with the cows all in one area it’s polluting the air we breath. The cows being in such a concentrated area releases a lot of methane into the air. More than 50% of the greenhouse gas emissions are from animal farming, but sure enjoy your electric powered car because that’s helping (p.s. it’s not).  I keep hearing everyone talk about how the oceans are dying then I see them eating a salmon. So you’re aware that you’re contributing to the over fishing and yet you don’t care… This blows my mind. I simply will never understand someone knowing they’re apart of the damage being done and they do nothing about it. Every vegan can save 219,000 gallons of water a year. It’s fact that plants take a lot less water to produce a greater yield of product. There is literally no reason other than plain ignorance that people in 2017 should still be starving. We have more than enough food to feed everyone on this earth and it should be affordable too if certain people would stop over buying food and wasting it because it went bad before you could eat it. ONLY BUY WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO EAT. It’s so frustrating because people over buying products is also contributing to farmers over producing, they have to meet the consumer demand. Also, plant foods take up a lot less land and still produce more food than animals. More food, less land, less water. Not sure why people are still justifying eating animals solely on the taste. News flash your pallet will adjust. The smell of cooked meat makes me sick to my stomach when about 10 years ago you’d find me eating a hamburger. Introduce yourself to real plant foods and you will love them more than that dead carcass you used to call food. America wake up. Stop being impulse shoppers and only buy what you need. The earth will thank you.


Common Concerns About Veganism

Every time someone finds out I’m Vegan they tell every one. I become known as “the vegan” whenever I pop up in conversation “she’s the vegan one”. I used to think it was rather annoying to be labeled that way, but hey if it gets them curious about Veganism then let me be known. Many people begin to concern themselves with where you get your protein, iron, b-12, and calcium. Which is the annoying part, however I am more than prepared to give them a list of sources :). Let’s start with protein, the biggest obsession in America. I get my protein from plants… the same source those animals they’re eating get theirs. I really like to point that out to them because they never question the animal about how they get their protein… and yet they blindly eat them for protein. Yes, I know we can’t ask the animal, but I enjoy redirecting them to the fact that they don’t know what they’re talking about. Also, no I do not eat fish because news flash they are animals. When I say I don’t eat animals it means all of those cutie pies. Nope not food. As for the plant protein sources, there are a lot, to name a few big ones: quinoa, beans, lentils, and peas. What about dairy? Nope, no thank you. I would rather not drink a glass of someone else’s mother’s milk. I don’t want to eat mold or drink something that has remnants of pus and blood. They rape these cow’s to impregnate them and take the babies away to sell the milk. Oh yeah make sure they know that cow’s don’t just naturally produce milk if they have not given birth recently. Their utters are not meant to be pulled and squeezes just as a women’s breasts are not. They are there to feed offspring. Sorry for the tangent… back to where I get calcium. Broccoli, kale, and most leafy greens are great sources. Bonus broccoli also contains a lot of protein. Spinach and seeds are the biggest sources of iron. Here is the trend, eat your greens ladies and gents. The meat eaters are so concerned about us, but really we should be so concerned about them. They are at risk for more deficiencies and diseases then vegans. As a vegan you absolutely need to take vitamin b-12, and anything else you’re not getting regularly. When starting off I recommend taking a multivitamin, until you can figure out how to get all the plant based goods in there daily. Make sure to inform the meat eaters that they are at risk of low levels of fiber, vitamin c, vitamin e, and folate. Too much protein is too hard on the body. We need way less then everyone thinks. It’s so easy to get enough protein in a day. The nutrients are where everyone should be putting their focus on. If a meat eater eats a giant steak they don’t want to eat any vegetables with that because they’re already so full. When you eat plant based you allow yourself to eat so much more variety at a time so you can get the goodness in you!

The Pros and Cons

While I was looking around online to find some real cons about Veganism I came across this website I began reading the pros and they weren’t even good points. It has been proven time after time that eliminating animal products will decrease cholesterol and lower blood pressure. This site is claiming uncertainty about these, however I believe that these are going to happen for you if you eat whole plant based foods. No one should be eating junk food. We are all human though so from time to time it’s understandable that we want a little something. That should not be the main source of food in your diet though. If you eat an adequate amount of fruits, veggies, gluten free grains, and legumes you will not have bad cholesterol. Your blood will be able to pump through your veins the way it’s supposed to without all that animal fat clogging your arteries. There are so many pros of Veganism and they did a sloppy job of pointing those out. I will make that list, but for now lets focus on this specific article. Now, for the cons they listed. They claim going vegan is a “radical change” can I take a moment of silence for how stupid this sounds. I’m sorry, but seriously? There is nothing “radical” about changing your diet to whole foods. All our lives they push fruits and veggies are the most important part of your meal and somehow when that truly is the most important main part of your diet it becomes “radical”. They begin going on about how soy is the only complete protein in a Vegan diet. *sigh* How wrong could they be? To name a few: hemp, buckwheat, quinoa. No one needs as much protein as much as the industry pushes it on us anyway. It is completely effortless to make sure you’re getting enough protein in your vegan diet. As for interfering with medical conditions, which makes it sound harmful, it will only help them. Veganism has been known and proven to reverse several diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes. This next point they made is what finally convinced me I need to blog about this. Difficultly dining out. Okay. Don’t dine out so often? Honestly this is such a load of crap anyway. If you want to be in total control of your health you should be cooking your own meals. Reserve dining out for special occasions as it was intended for. Bonus it will save you money. Let’s talk vitamins. As a vegan b-12 is the only supplement I recommend taking. Every thing else is easily attainable through foods. Never have I had a problem getting Vitamin D or Calcium. Greens are loaded with Calcium. You are not a baby cow you do not need to drink cow’s milk to get calcium. Yes being a vegan does not mean you will magically be the poster child for health. People need to stop looking for quick fixes to their health. Being a vegan does equal health. It’s the choices you make as a vegan that will make you healthy. I will keep saying eat your vegetables until you do it. That is how you will be a healthy vegan. Vegetable should be your biggest portion on your plate. You are what you eat. As cliche as that may be it is true. If I eat dead animal flesh (meat) and drink cow pus and blood (milk)  I can’t imagine feeling good about myself. Open yourself up to the rainbow of foods that Veganism has to offer. Or something like that.

Enough is Enough

Recently, I’ve become very interested in other views on Veganism. I’ve been researching religiously to come to find a load of crap. I became extremely frustrated with what I was finding. In the past, I had thought to start blogging and getting the information out there, but figured it had been done. I no longer want to sit idly by and let this false information feed into everyones head. I want to share my story and debunk a few negative “facts” towards Veganism. Let’s see where this goes.