Let’s Talk Deficiencies

Protein, B-12, and Fiber

When anyone hears you’re vegan they all of a sudden think they’re a nutritionist and act like they genuinely are concerned about your health. News flash stranger on the subway I don’t even know your name, I’m sure you don’t actually care about my health. I’ve recently been getting a lot of shit at work for being “the vegan”. Honestly, doesn’t bother me that they know. What bothers me is how crappy they can be about it. When I find out they’re eating dead carcass, hen periods, and drinking puss I don’t say a thing. Call me crazy, as they all do, but I don’t know if what I’m doing is so unconventional. At least it shouldn’t be. To answer the protein one real quick. I get protein from the same place your protein gets theres. That’s my absolute favorite way to answer that question now. Moving on b-12, little known fact, it comes from the soil. Due to the heavy sterilization process that occurs today b-12 has been (from what I understand) compromised. There is still some in organic soil, but even then it’s tricky. This is why cows contain b-12, they happen to eat some soil when eating grass. Now cows that don’t eat grass, which is sadly most of them these days, get b-12 injections. Fancy huh? How lovely… So the meat eaters are also taking b-12 supplements in a way. Mammals don’t produce b-12. Humans and animals are both mammals incase anyone didn’t make that connection yet… So even meat eaters are recommended to take b-12 supplements because even eating the animal meat isn’t substanical enough to meet the daily intake. Moral of the b-12 story stop worrying where I get mine and worry about 2 things: where is your b-12 source getting theirs and are they even giving you enough when you consume them. All mammals need b-12. Our bodies use the b-12 to help make dna, and to keep the body’s nerves and blood cells healthy. Cows use it the same way. Now onto fiber. My favorite. Keeps my body so happy and healthy. I don’t know about you, but I know so many meat eaters who barely eat vegetables because they either don’t like them or are too full from all the white bread and chicken. Animals don’t give us fiber, therefore people who eat that way are FIBER DEFICIENT yay. I know so many people who think I’m crazy for going to the bathroom at least 4 times a day. I know people who consider themselves lucky if they even go once a week. It’s crazy to me that they automatically think somethings wrong with me instead of them. I eat so much fiber, in the healthiest way, without even trying. I meet all my food goals simply by eating foods I want to eat. Our bodies need to detox. This is why so many people at the place I work are buying laxatives and fiber supplements. WILD. People actually take fiber. This is news to me. I can’t believe how many people supplement things they can easily get from plant foods. We are constantly restocking the laxatives. It’s so frustrating, I just want to yell at them EAT SOME BROCCOLI DAMMIT.


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