Let’s Talk Deficiencies

Calcium, Folate, Omega 3

Fun fact relying on dairy to get your daily calcium intake is like eating paper for protein. Why you may be thinking? We’ve been told by everyone since we were kids that we must drink our milk to build strong bones. Yes dairy contains calcium, but that’s the only think true about that statement. Dairy is acidic. Our bodies like to be alkaline. So what happens when we introduce acid into our alkaline body? It uses calcium! Calcium is very alkaline and when we bring drink milk or eat cheese the calcium that you think you’re getting is simply being used to counteract the negative side affects the milk is having on your body.  Then you become calcium deficient because you think “I’m eating a ton of cheese, I don’t have to worry about calcium like those silly vegans eating broccoli all day.” Your body is literally leaching all the calcium currently in your body to help settle the stomach. That doesn’t sound very healthy to me. Now for another B vitamin, folate. Folate is naturally made within the human body. This brings me to folic acid, which when eaten acts the same way as folate does, it even helps folate function more properly. Dark leafy greens seem to be the answer to everyone’s questions about food and it’s because they are. They contain the highest amount of folic acid. The reason why we want folic acid from plants and not folate from animals is because is because folate/folic acid is water-soluble. Vegetable naturally have high water content, while animal muscle does not. If we eat fat, protein, and cholesterol our bodies cannot use the folate properly. FISH. Hey are you eating fish because that is literally the only way to get those omegas! I’m kidding, obviously. This is the kind of crap I hear though! Meat a animal heavy diet (specially red meat, but all do harm) deplete your omega 3 levels. This is why the omega 3 supplement was born and why sooo many doctors are recommending patients to eat more fish. Meanwhile completely ignoring the heavy pollution in our water and the fish live in. I promise you they are not doing anything about removing the garbage the fish are ingesting. You too, if you eat fish, are eating pollution. They also contain very high levels of mercury. This is why they advise pregnant women to not eat fish because it can literally kill the fetus. Okay, so yeah let’s not give growing fetuses mercury poisoning, but yet let’s give fully grown adults fish to get those omegas. If it’s harming a fetus, which by the way is a potential human, they what makes you think it’s not harming an adult or child? They’re so many better ways to get omegas like: ground flax seeds, chia seeds, hemp seeds… Seeds? Yes seeds. Save yourself from getting mercury poisoning and eat some seeds.


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