I Knew A Vegan And He Died

My favorite thing when people find out I’m vegan is that they tell me they knew a vegan and they got super sick or that they died. My question now is, how many of us know a meat eater who died? It’s absolutely ridiculous to hear this. I cannot understand it. I know so many people who have heart disease, cancer, or diabetes and family members who do as well. People need to get it out of their heads they genetics determine disease. No sorry to tell you, but your diet determines whether or not you’re likely to get said diseases. Something I would also like to point out is something that does tend to run in the family is diet. So, if you and your family have been eating the same diet all through generations it would make sense that you think those diseases run in your family. Please if you meat animals refrain from letting me and any other vegan know about all the ridiculous “connections” you have to veganism. If you are vegan and eat the appropriate diet you will decrease your chances of those diseases. I say decrease, but really I strongly believe that you will not get those diseases. Don’t eat junk. Unhealthy foods cause our bodies to weaken and a weak body cannot handle all that we physically put it through. Everyday we are tearing muscles and pushing our bodies to do things due to our lifestyles. We need plant foods to help heal our bodies. Plant foods do not contain cholesterol so how can a vegan have high cholesterol induces disease? They’re cannot. Our bodies already produce all the cholesterol we need, the last thing it wants is some random other mammals cholesterol getting in the way. Eat right and you won’t die as a vegan. [(of course I’m kidding, everyone eventually dies :)]


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