Things I Learned Aren’t Vegan

So I have a few food allergies. I was cleaning out my room and decided I was going to stop buying products I already have and start using everything until I they’re gone. I had a bad habit of buying new shampoos and lotions just to have backups. Which I have realized isn’t necessary. I began using the lotion without considering the ingredients. I never thought there would be milk in my lotion. I threw that crap out asap. I am extremely allergic to casein, which is a milk protein that not many people are aware of. There is such a huge focus on lactose, but the real evil in casein. I have been using this lotion for a few weeks and I started getting sick again. I was so confused! I began looking up “things you’d be surprised had wheat in it”. I also have a wheat allergy and I know that my dad found wheat in his shampoo, but I checked my shampoo without thinking about my lotion. So that wasn’t it and I began checking dairy. I came to learn there is casein in condoms and apparently in lotion. Lesson learned. I will strictly only be buying organic, vegan, gluten free products. I knew I had to read food labels like a crazy person, and stay away from packaged foods as much as possible. I like to buy vegan cruelty free products, but I started to hoard so many toiletries that I really wanted to use them up. Here is a small list of things to watch out for when buying new products: toothpaste, lotion, face and body wash, shampoo and conditioner, fabric softener, alcohol, candy, condoms, scents, altoids, and sauces. There are so much more so look up the product before you buy it because honestly you never know. Even if you think how could there possibly be? Be aware of foods that say “non-dairy” because they still can contain lactose, and casein. I really don’t understand that one, but I’ve found products that claim “non-dairy” but still contain dairy proteins. Just make sure it says “vegan”. 🙂


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