Common Concerns About Veganism

Every time someone finds out I’m Vegan they tell every one. I become known as “the vegan” whenever I pop up in conversation “she’s the vegan one”. I used to think it was rather annoying to be labeled that way, but hey if it gets them curious about Veganism then let me be known. Many people begin to concern themselves with where you get your protein, iron, b-12, and calcium. Which is the annoying part, however I am more than prepared to give them a list of sources :). Let’s start with protein, the biggest obsession in America. I get my protein from plants… the same source those animals they’re eating get theirs. I really like to point that out to them because they never question the animal about how they get their protein… and yet they blindly eat them for protein. Yes, I know we can’t ask the animal, but I enjoy redirecting them to the fact that they don’t know what they’re talking about. Also, no I do not eat fish because news flash they are animals. When I say I don’t eat animals it means all of those cutie pies. Nope not food. As for the plant protein sources, there are a lot, to name a few big ones: quinoa, beans, lentils, and peas. What about dairy? Nope, no thank you. I would rather not drink a glass of someone else’s mother’s milk. I don’t want to eat mold or drink something that has remnants of pus and blood. They rape these cow’s to impregnate them and take the babies away to sell the milk. Oh yeah make sure they know that cow’s don’t just naturally produce milk if they have not given birth recently. Their utters are not meant to be pulled and squeezes just as a women’s breasts are not. They are there to feed offspring. Sorry for the tangent… back to where I get calcium. Broccoli, kale, and most leafy greens are great sources. Bonus broccoli also contains a lot of protein. Spinach and seeds are the biggest sources of iron. Here is the trend, eat your greens ladies and gents. The meat eaters are so concerned about us, but really we should be so concerned about them. They are at risk for more deficiencies and diseases then vegans. As a vegan you absolutely need to take vitamin b-12, and anything else you’re not getting regularly. When starting off I recommend taking a multivitamin, until you can figure out how to get all the plant based goods in there daily. Make sure to inform the meat eaters that they are at risk of low levels of fiber, vitamin c, vitamin e, and folate. Too much protein is too hard on the body. We need way less then everyone thinks. It’s so easy to get enough protein in a day. The nutrients are where everyone should be putting their focus on. If a meat eater eats a giant steak they don’t want to eat any vegetables with that because they’re already so full. When you eat plant based you allow yourself to eat so much more variety at a time so you can get the goodness in you!


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