The Pros and Cons

While I was looking around online to find some real cons about Veganism I came across this website I began reading the pros and they weren’t even good points. It has been proven time after time that eliminating animal products will decrease cholesterol and lower blood pressure. This site is claiming uncertainty about these, however I believe that these are going to happen for you if you eat whole plant based foods. No one should be eating junk food. We are all human though so from time to time it’s understandable that we want a little something. That should not be the main source of food in your diet though. If you eat an adequate amount of fruits, veggies, gluten free grains, and legumes you will not have bad cholesterol. Your blood will be able to pump through your veins the way it’s supposed to without all that animal fat clogging your arteries. There are so many pros of Veganism and they did a sloppy job of pointing those out. I will make that list, but for now lets focus on this specific article. Now, for the cons they listed. They claim going vegan is a “radical change” can I take a moment of silence for how stupid this sounds. I’m sorry, but seriously? There is nothing “radical” about changing your diet to whole foods. All our lives they push fruits and veggies are the most important part of your meal and somehow when that truly is the most important main part of your diet it becomes “radical”. They begin going on about how soy is the only complete protein in a Vegan diet. *sigh* How wrong could they be? To name a few: hemp, buckwheat, quinoa. No one needs as much protein as much as the industry pushes it on us anyway. It is completely effortless to make sure you’re getting enough protein in your vegan diet. As for interfering with medical conditions, which makes it sound harmful, it will only help them. Veganism has been known and proven to reverse several diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes. This next point they made is what finally convinced me I need to blog about this. Difficultly dining out. Okay. Don’t dine out so often? Honestly this is such a load of crap anyway. If you want to be in total control of your health you should be cooking your own meals. Reserve dining out for special occasions as it was intended for. Bonus it will save you money. Let’s talk vitamins. As a vegan b-12 is the only supplement I recommend taking. Every thing else is easily attainable through foods. Never have I had a problem getting Vitamin D or Calcium. Greens are loaded with Calcium. You are not a baby cow you do not need to drink cow’s milk to get calcium. Yes being a vegan does not mean you will magically be the poster child for health. People need to stop looking for quick fixes to their health. Being a vegan does equal health. It’s the choices you make as a vegan that will make you healthy. I will keep saying eat your vegetables until you do it. That is how you will be a healthy vegan. Vegetable should be your biggest portion on your plate. You are what you eat. As cliche as that may be it is true. If I eat dead animal flesh (meat) and drink cow pus and blood (milk)  I can’t imagine feeling good about myself. Open yourself up to the rainbow of foods that Veganism has to offer. Or something like that.


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